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Welcome to M & E Chiropractic
and Acupuncture 
 Hours: Mon-Wed-Fri  8am- 5pm
Tues-Thurs  10am-8pm
Sat  10am-2pm
M & E Chiropractic, 1590 Medical Drive Suite F, Pottstown PA 19464   Phone: (610) 326-2700  Fax: (610)-326-2777   
M & E Chiropractic LLC
Let ME Help You
M & E Chiropractic believes you know your body best and that You should be in control of your care.  
That is why we do not require contracts or mandatory multiple visits.  
M & E Chiropractic is dedicated to providing exceptional service to the community using a whole body approach to achieve one’s health goals. Our combination of Chiropractic and Acupuncture provides our patients with a unique mind, body experience to target disease at its fundamental level, and treat a wide variety of health concerns. At M&E we use evidence based medicine to create individualized treatment plans tailored to your needs. 
M&E Keeps ME Moving!
Affordable Alternative Health Care